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Pool's Proposal Voting

Since 2021, Particl features community-driven decision making by voting with your "coin weight" (amount of coins you own) on Proposals. Community Proposals are a great way to push various initiatives forward and even secure funding from Community PART Fund.

This page shows how Particl.page Pool votes on these Proposals with coins staked on it. Make sure to check this page periodically to see our voting preferences and compare these to other pools (which might align with your views better).

It shouldn't come as a suprise that the best way to vote is on your own. To do that, you should run your own staking node.

Proposal #VoteStart heightEnd heightVote set at
919714009764392021-07-03 21:50 +0000
819461849562632021-05-26 13:36 +0000
719361289411672021-05-10 20:15 +0000